Teaching Tuesdays in March, April and May!

March 9, 2021 @ 6:00PM — May 11, 2021 @ 7:00PM Central Time (US & Canada)

Learn from industry experts. New GREEN topics every session.

Teaching Tuesdays in March, April and May! image

Join The Get Growing Foundation and Vivant Gardening Services for a variety of virtual workshops!

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Three Teaching Tuesday sessions from March through May! Join each session for a unique and educational experience to help you cultivate and maintain your own green space at home!

Each class is one hour long and is lead by industry expert Kasey Bersett Eaves! See below for full descriptions!

Winter Sowing for Cold Season Crops - March 9
Looking for an affordable, low-maintenance way to start your seeds during these cold months? Winter Sowing is the perfect solution! No special trays or lighting needed. With reclaimed household materials, you can start your garden weeks or even months before the final frost. Kasey, owner of Vivant Gardening Services, will take you through her favorite varieties and other secrets to set you on the path to seed starting success. These tips are perfect both for pollinator plants and edible gardens alike! In fact, many native plants perform better when started this way!

Seed Starting Basics - April 13

You bought the seeds. You may even have the soil mix and lights already ... but do I really need to buy that other thing too? It feels like seed starting should be easy and cheap, but many find their first experience to be the opposite.
That's why we've invited back Kasey from Vivant Gardening Services to talk you through the basics of starting seeds indoors. Get your garden started confidently and keep your seedlings strong and healthy until it's time to transplant. You do not need to be an experienced grower to enjoy this class. All you need is a desire to grow!

Maximizing Your Kitchen Garden - May 11

Was your seed order too big for your garden bed? Have you become addicted to homegrown goods and just want more? We hear you. Kasey from Vivant Gardening Services is back to talk through her tips for maximizing the space in your kitchen garden for more harvests and even longer seasons of growing. She'll share tips on companion planting, succession sowing and more to help you get all you can from each square foot of growing gold you have in your garden.

Background on the Instructor: Kasey Bersett Eaves started growing edibles and her treasured sunflowers at age two on family farm property in Southern Illinois. She hasn't sat down since! Just kidding … Now, as owner of Vivant Gardening Services, she spends her days making gardening with edibles, natives and pollinator plants approachable to area residents, restaurants, schools, and more. Never daunted by the task of growing in a city's unusual spaces, Kasey loves finding creative and easily maintained growing solutions for city dwellers